Meon Valley Milk


Delicious pasteurised whole milk, straight from the farm through a self service vending machine, located at Westlands Farm Shop, near Wickham in Hampshire.

Simply fill one of our glass bottles with milk from the vending machine, once enjoyed the bottle can be cleaned and refilled again and again.

We do not homogenise the milk so the cream rises to the top, a treat on the first pour, or if you like your milk whole, simply give the bottle a shake before use. 

About Us

Meon Valley Milk stems from a small family farm in Hampshire, producing high quality milk for over 35 years. Fourth generation; Stewart Humphrey of Lodge Farm in Southwick introduces ‘Meon Valley Milk’.  Providing fresh milk direct from the farm to the customer, through a self-service vending machine.

The herd of 140 Holsteins are milked twice a day.  The quality is achieved through home rearing with a “free-range” system, where the pedigree herd can enjoy a grass-fed diet for up to 9 months of the year, with the freedom to choose to graze outside or rest indoors. In the winter months, they enjoy eating home grown silage and maize, while taking shelter in the barn.

We pride ourselves in quality and care, reassuring our customers of a happy and healthy herd, with the knowledge of knowing exactly where their milk is coming from.  The farm is Red Tractor certified, which means that the milk is traceable, safe and farmed with care.

Our aim is to share delicious milk with the local community, whilst reducing food miles and the use of plastic.  We hope the vending machine will encourage households to do their bit towards helping the environment and convert from buying plastic milk cartons to purchasing a re-usable glass bottle that can be refilled again and again.




1 litre reusable glass bottle £2.00
1 litre of Meon Valley Milk £1.30

The vending machine takes card or coin payment

(no change given)


Westlands Farm Shop, Near Wickham SO32 2JW

Meon Valley Milk

how it works


Purchase a 1 litre glass bottle


Fill your bottle with fresh whole milk from the vending machine


Keep refrigerated under 4C, enjoy our delicious milk within 4 days of purchasing


Once your bottle is emptied, rinse immediately with cold water to wash away any milk residue. Then fill with hot soapy water and use a bottle brush to wash inside. After washing rinse again. Ideally then place the bottle and lid in the dishwasher. Allow the bottle and lid to dry after washing. Do not put the lid back on until the bottle is dry. If using your own 1litre vessel, again please ensure cleaned thoroughly before use.


All set for your next refill!

Meon Valley Milk

Contact us

Stewart and Amy Humphrey
Lodge Farm